Mugen Honda Civic Type-R hatch - Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda's Euro-market Civic Type R hatchback has been called out for being a successor that hasn't exactly succeeded. Seems a bit of the thrill is gone from the new car compared to the old one. Enter tuning firm Mugen, whose modifications to the Type R hatch should make it even better than it once was.

Not much is known about the changes in store. However, based on changes made for Mugen's Japan-spec Civic Type RR 4-door sedan, these pictures, and the fact that this car might take on the Renault R26.R, you can expect much: upgraded suspension and 18-inch wheels, giant front splitter and rear wing, huge exhaust, and a powerplant putting out 237 bhp and 160 lb-ft.

If the pictures don't lie, however, it looks like the bigger Brembo brakes might not appear, and the back seats will remain in place. You can check out the details for yourself in the high-res gallery below. Thanks to Ryan for the video

[Source: 4 Wheels News]

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