Could CUV coupes (coupe-UVs?) be the next big thing? BMW and Acura have both introduced fastback crossovers, and AutoExpress has tossed up some renderings of a super-sharp Ford Kuga that could do battle in this new arena. While the styling on the regular Kuga is attractive enough, a two door taking even more cues from the Iosis X concept is pretty damned delectible.
Style might rule above substance, but that's not much to complain about, considering that Ford's EcoBoost engines ported from the Fiesta are what AE suggests will spin a PowerShift dual-clutch unit. The rest of the details, such as stop-start and superb dynamics, could all just be fantastical dreaming predicated on some good looking altered images; Ford's concentrating on the Focus and C-Max, with an MPV following on the heels of those two. If it does happen, we should see something on the show circuit for 2011.

[Source: AutoExpress, Photo:Miroslav]

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