Throughout its life, Porsche's Cayenne hasn't exactly come in for critical praise for its aesthetics, so thankfully it has always been just about peerless dynamically. Perhaps as a result of that observed deficiency, countless aftermarket companies have taken up the their pens and styling knives to try to improve upon Stuttgart's controversial jack-of-all-trades. Suffice it to say that most of these sorts of efforts haven't worked out terribly favorably.

The latest company to attempt rhinoplasty on the Cayenne is Russian outfit Status Design, whose grilled and gilled design is a radical departure from the standard SUV. Looking a bit like a Cayenne that's swallowed a handful of Ferrari Enzo front clips, this Status Design effort has all manner of vents and inlets which hopefully enable better breathing – check out the NACA duct on the nose. There's also an assortment of other changes, including a pair of odd flying buttress-like extensions below the rear-most pillar and some retro-minded color scallops on the side. It's certainly a unique and eye-catching look – whether that's a good thing is up to you.

In any case, while the Moscow Cayenne is just a rendering at this state, a production version is expected this Fall, complete with carbon-fiber and plastic construction, along with some LED garnishes that look rather familiar.

With our Russian language skills not exactly being up to snuff, we were forced to rely on Google Translate's prowess to help us glean more details from the company's website. In typical fashion, it delivered some curious wording that doesn't quite come across as English. Despite being lost in translation, some of the Googlized statements read as oddly appropriate: "Modeling false weight to the Porsche Cayenne" and "Individual body-whale and tuning elements under the exclusive personalization of vehicles" being our favorites.

Either way, we're quite sure that if we had this thing storming up in our rearview mirror, we'd move over with a quickness, and that's got to count for something.

[Source: Status Design]

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