BREAKING: Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger reportedly headed to NASCAR in 2010

Whether or not you're a fan of NASCAR, the simple fact remains that none of the cars bear much resemblance to their factory counterparts, and it's not like the "Fusions" and "Chargers" are particularly sexy, either. So in an attempt to boost the series' viewers and souvenir sales, Fox Sports is reporting that Ford and Chrysler plan to introduce Mustang- and Challenger -bodied racers into the Nationwide series next year.

The new designs are due to be submitted for approval on June 26, and the 2010 NASCAR competitors are reportedly going to be visually closer to stock than anything we've seen since the new "aero-matched" cars began rolling out earlier this decade. Unfortunately, the new Mustang and Challenger cars will still be far removed from their stock siblings, and General Motors has apparently decided not to join its domestic rivals and produce a Camaro shell. Both GM and Toyota will reportedly run their current Impala and Camry bodies, respectively.

[Source: Fox Sports via Cars]

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