To the 35 percent of AutoblogGreen readers who answered in our poll that Rush's "Boycott GM" idea was a solid one, we have bad news to report: it's not going to happen. In fact, according to the right wing radio host, there never was a boycott to begin with.
Limbaugh said yesterday on his radio program that:
Now, for the record, ladies and gentlemen, I don't do boycotts. I do not sponsor them; I do not encourage them. I never have. I think it is media childishness when people start urging boycotts. I have never, ever done such a thing, and I didn't do this with General Motors. All I did, to clarify, was report a poll that said X number of Americans -- what was it, 18 or 20% -- say they are not going to buy a GM car anymore, after this bailout.
Fair enough, and pretty straightforward. But then Limbaugh praised an article called "The Ethical Case for Boycotting Chrysler and General Motors" and linked to it from his site. So, is that encouraging a boycott or not?

One last tidbit: Limbaugh said he bought a new Suburban last week, so at least one person is patronizing Government Motors.

[Source: Rush Limbaugh]

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