As if things weren't bad enough.
Rush Limbaugh used to love GM, at least the company's gas-guzzlers. Now that the General has become "Government Motors," Limbaugh is rallying his Dittoheads to boycott GM products. Limbaugh is joined in his quest by fellow rightwing pundit Hugh Hewitt and, for now, a smattering of conservative blogs and writers.

Limbaugh, who thinks global warming is bogus, says the boycott is meant to stop people from "patronizing Obama" (which is kind of funny if you're a word geek) and to make sure that Obama's policies fail. Limbaugh says he doesn't have anything against GM, but added that, if the government needs to come in and run it, "could we just admit that it's failed?" At least one caller to Rush's show approved of the boycott:

I just want to say, what you were just talking about there about not buying GM products because of Obama, it's exactly how I feel. I just... I have felt this way now for weeks. I have driven a Chevy Tahoe for several years. In fact, right now I've got about 150,000 miles on it. I won't even look at another one right now, and I just want to say thanks. At least somebody understands what's going on here.

GM is a complicated, global company that is doing an awful lot of work to develop cleaner, greener cars. It's next to impossible that this boycott will have an impact on the work the company is doing to bring vehicles like the Chevy Volt to market, but if the government hadn't stepped in to bail out GM, where would the Volt technology be? Maybe sold off to someone, maybe floundering along. At least, for now, Government Motors has a chance to survive and sell us a few before the end of the decade. Maybe Limbaugh's call is really a suggestion to get more Republicans into hybrids. Just a thought.

UPDATE: Rush says "Nope"

[Source: TPMDC]

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