Land Rover takes the Defender to new heights with Fire & Ice editions

Land Rover Defender Fire & Ice editions – Click above for high-res image gallery

It doesn't get more back-to-basics than the Land Rover Defender. While most of the world's most hard-core off-roaders – Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes G-Wagen, Hummer H2 – have all gone luxed-out, the Defender soldiers on as the bare-bones option. Essentially the same body-on-frame design from 1948, the Defender is still hand-assembled. But what's Land Rover to do when the market demands luxury? Lux out the Defender, of course.

The limited-production Fire & Ice editions come packed with all the features they could fit in the Defender: Recaro buckets, leather and Alcantara trim, diamond-turned alloys, color-coded head- and tail- lights, glass sunroof panel, running boards and more. The Fire edition comes in a special Vesuvius Orange metallic paint, the Ice edition in Alaska white, both offset by Santorini black accents. All that kit drives the price of the special Land Rover up to €68,400, the equivalent of about $95,000. Just 850 examples will be on offer in various markets across Europe, China and in South Africa. Check out the high-res images in the gallery below for all the angles.

[Source: Land Rover]

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