Assuming that everyone reading this knows about the GM bankruptcy, let's go straight to the quote highlight reel. During a recent interview with NPR, GM Chief Financial Officer Ray Young said the following:
We do believe that gasoline prices will increase in the future; we do believe that consumers will demand more fuel-efficient and greener vehicles. From our perspective, we're going to make that commitment, make that investment to allow us to have these products in great quantities in the future.
And, taking about the not-killed Volt, Young said: "The key here is to get it launched"

GM CEO Fritz Henderson was also interviewed and he admitted that, "We've made mistakes, there's no question we've made mistakes. We need to learn from those mistakes, and we will." He also said that GM "will continue its research in hydrogen fuel cells," he said. "We have demonstrated it can work. What is far away is the commercialization of the technology."

[Source: NPR]

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