FOLLOW UP: Fiesta Movement car towed by The Man, not stolen after all?

Who knew that the Fiesta Movement was going to turn out to be the Fiesta Adventure – at least, for Agent 44 Jake Bronstein. Not long ago, he reported his Fiesta stolen and Ford was meant to be tracking it on a joyride near Port Chester, NY. Turns out that Ford wasn't tracking the right car, and for some reason, Ford can't track his car. That's most inconvenient, because Bronstein's Fiesta is sitting in a New York impound lot. And to add insult to injury, the impound lot says the car isn't there.

As Bronstein tell it on, at first, he suspected the car was towed, but calls to every local NYPD lot got the same response: "Car's not here." After staking out the hatch's last known parking spot, a meter reader told him that cars will get towed and then entered in the system with the wrong license plate. The tow lot then says they don't have it, because it doesn't show in the computer, and they won't let you in to check. Although he doesn't mention it, it sounds like they also don't check their lot based on any other description.

So, pulling a couple of near-Mission Impossible moves, Jake managed to get a picture of the most likely lot the car was towed to, and you can see the results above: a hot magenta and pink spotted Fiesta whiling away the hours and racking up storage fees. The best part? Jake called the lot again and said he had a picture of his car on their lot, and you know what he was told? That they don't have it, and that it's impossible to see inside the lot.

Jake's now taking ideas for how to get his car back. If the NYPD won't even admit having it, and Ford can't use the tracking device to prove it's there, then the idea we like best so far comes from one the commenters on Jake's site, who suggests:
Just throw a giant party outside the impound lot. Make up signs like "Let our Fiesta go", "Free the Fiesta" and such. Start up chants like "What do we want? My Fiesta. When do we want it? at some point in the near future, if that's convenient..."
So, Autobloggers... any recommendations?

[Source: Zoomdoggle]

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