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Click above to see the video of Dean Evans going from 16th to 1st in one lap

It is the lap every driving simulator player dreams of putting together – except this one was real. It actually happened way back in 2005 (but has just come to our attention now and was too good to pass up), when Sydney motoring journalist Dean Evans drove in one of the Lotus Trophy Races that supported the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar race in Australia. We hope the other drivers were taking notes, because Evans doled out some serious learnin.'

Starting in 16th, Evans has said that the track was greasy from rain, his car wasn't even the most powerful one in the race, and his right mirror was folded back because of some tight racing off the line, but not a single panel on the car was bent. He won the race by 14 seconds. With apologies for the video quality, follow the jump to see Evans put on a clinic.

[Source: Car Domain]

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