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The Nurburgring demands respect, and the Viper GT3 and Porsche GT3 are world-class race cars that demand that you get the Hell out of their way. Put the two together, and you've got a winning formula. Watching cars drive around the track shouldn't be this much fun. But the race-ready Viper and 911 took the 'Ring by the horns, and are sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen. The Viper sounds like pure evil out on the track, yet the agility of the Porsche is even more impressive, especially since it keeps pace with the Viper on the long straight-away.

Hit the jump to take in all the action. The Porsche stays in front for most of the lap, which is good for us because the Viper had a picture-perfect in-car camera that lays out the action sublimely. In fact, watching from the vantage-point of the Viper makes it feel like you're playing Gran Turismo, except cheating by cutting corners and jamming the guy in front of you to take the lead is a really bad idea for both car and driver.

[Source: Speed Hunters]

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