According to Lon Ballard, designer of the Spira, a three-wheeled floating car made from foam (yes, foam), "The Spira team hopes foam will revolutionize autos and motorcycles like the Crocs and flip-flops have revolutionized shoes and sandals." Whether or not that's a good thing may depend not only on your personal opinion of the polarizing footwear, but also on how well the vehicle is able to live up to its maker's lofty claims.

Ballard believes that millions of his foam cars traveling our nations highways would make for a safer motoring experience for all. If everyone were driving one of the 302-pound vehicles, he may be right. Otherwise, we're not so sure. Regardless, the 100cc engine (we presume it's from a scooter of some sort) reportedly delivers 100 miles per gallon and can push the Spira to a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

The fledgling automaker plans to enter the Spira in the Automotive X-Prize and, shortly thereafter, begin small-scale production at a plant in Rayong, Thailand. Later, Ballard plans to offer franchise opportunities so the car could be offered all around the world. See two short videos of the Spira in action after the break.

[Source: Wired]


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