Slim Shady plays an assembly line worker in 8 Mile

Sure, thousands of auto workers may be losing their jobs, but don't think they've got nowhere to go. Following similar overtures made by Jay Leno and Michigan restauranteur A.J. O'Neil, Slim Shady will be putting on a free concert for Detroit's unemployed auto workers. But on top of playing for the downtrodden in his home town, Eminem will also be sayin' hello to Hollywood with 200 of his fellow Detroiters.

The concert is a joint effort between Slim (who played an assembly-line worker in the semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile) and Jimmy Kimmel, on whose show Eminem will be appearing and performing (presumably and somewhat ironically, in the Pontiac Garage). Kimmel and Matthers felt it was important to show the world how the Detroit 3 crisis is affecting "real people" while showing them a good time in the process. It'll be back to MoTown following the performance where Shady is scheduled to put on another exclusive show for auto workers in their natural habitat, where the entertained laid-off workers will hopefully be able to lose themselves in the music... at least for the evening.

[Source: USA Today | Image: Eli Reed/Universal Studios]

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