In case you didn't know this was going on, Detroit is in the grips of the Assembly Line Concert, a 240-hour non-stop shebang that still has more than 100 hours to go. A. J. O'Neil, a Detroit-area coffee shop owner, decided to attempt a record-breaking charity event that would assist, support, and call attention to the American auto worker.

He's done it by trying to line up 240 acts -- from professional bands to politicians (no, really) to Detroiters who just want to play a ditty to show their love -- that will perform one hour sets for ten straight days. And even though the folks in the logo are obviously listening to Skynyrd, the Free Bird folks won't be appearing. So far there are 213 acts scheduled. There's still time to play if you've got the feeling, and if you just want to watch, you can head down any time of the day or check out the concert's live feed.

[Source: Assembly Line Concert]

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