Wise Choice: The not-so-Smart ForMore SUV that never was

2005 Smart ForMore concept – Click above for an image gallery

Nearly every automaker on the planet has suffered from bouts of over-reaching and Smart is hardly an exception. Daimler's micro-car division succumbed to the desire to fill every conceivable niche a few years back, unsuccessfully adding roadsters and four-door models to its iconic two-door city car. But before the Smart Roadster and ForFour were sent off to camp, another model was in the works. Yes, Smart was planning a sport-utility vehicle. And someone's snagged some photos of the wisely canceled show car sitting in the back of a Mercedes warehouse in Germany.

Although it looks like a ForFour with some extra bits tacked on (note the unsuitable low-profile tires), sources suggest that this Smart crossover was actually based on the Mercedes GLK. Called the ForMore, the concept car was scheduled to make its debut at the 2005 Frankfurt show before Daimler pulled the plug on the entire program at the last minute. We can't help wonder if a similar initiative from BMW's Mini division will end up with the same fate.

[Source: Cardisiac via Jalopnik]

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