As you can see in the screen grab above, Miles Automotive's website currently lists two just vehicles: low speed cars and trucks. But, you say, wasn't there a lot of talk about a highway-speed electric vehicle not that long ago (and even quite a while ago)? Indeed there was, and we can now explain why the vehicle has moved off of the company's homepage: it won't be a Miles EV when it arrives.

The $45,000 full-speed electric sedan is coming in 2010 under a different brand name. A few hundred units of the new car, which should have a range of about 100 miles, will be available for early-adopters in early 2010, with full sales starting by the end of that year. Miles says they expect to sell 3,000 cars in 2010 and will be able to build 20,000 units a year after that. The vehicle is currently undergoing crash-testing. The new name will be announced sometime this month.

Miles has been talking about the highway-speed vehicle since at least early 2007. Back then the car was named the Javlon XS500 and the expected price was $30,000.

UPDATE: Miles' Kara Saltness just wrote in to say that, "we continue to develop the full performance, all-electric 4-door sedan for a market introduction in late 2010. We will be announce publicly development progress this summer."

Thanks to Yanquetino for the push.

[Source: CNET]

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