Electric Motorsport GPR-S TTXGP bike - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Two more of the expected participants in the upcoming TTXGP zero-emission TT race have released a few interesting details on the electric motorcycles they'll be using at the event, and they are both from familiar names. First up is Electric Motorsport, which will be sending two separate machines to the race. Competing in the Open Class will be a lightly modified version of the production GPR-S, and taking part in the Pro Class will be a prototype called the R144, which is based on the chassis from a Yamaha R1.

Another competitor that we're familiar with is Barefoot Motors, a company backed in part by Jamie Hyneman of Muthbusters fame. Barefoot's competitor will be based on a chassis from Ely Schless, its in-house designer, and will be powered by lithium ion batteries and a proprietary drivetrain.

In a fun little bit of pre-race banter, Mary Jo Gresens, chairman of Barefoot Motors, says, "While we don't plan to manufacture electric motorcycles, we're proud to support Ely and sponsor his participation in this event. In the spirit of good competition, we wish our friends at Brammo Motorsports the best in coming in second." You gonna take that, Brammo?

[Source: TTXGP Blog]

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