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Is there finally a good-looking electric motorcycle with decent specifications available on the market in the U.S. for a relatively affordable price? It looks that way, as Electric Motorsport has just released its new GPR-S electric motorcycle, which costs $8,000 including lithium ion batteries. Using a permanent magnet DC motor that offers up to 19-horsepower, the GPR-S can hit up to 70 miles per hour with a range of up to 60 miles, depending on rider size and speeds, of course. Honestly, it's not a bad looking package, with full bodywork, USD forks, disc brakes and a digital dash. A full charge takes 4-hours with the stock charger, but a high-speed option is available and includes BMS, cutting the charge time to 1.5-hours. The on-board battery accounts for just 90-pounds of the e-bike's total 285-pounds, and that's not bad at all for an electric motorcycle.

Interestingly, the crew at Electric Motorsport have made this a modular design, so future motors, battery packs and electronics can be added at a later date. So, the basic chassis could theoretically last well past the technology's prime. The company has apparently taken 25 orders so far, a number we'd expect to go up in the near future.

[Source: Electric Motorsport via Wired via Engadget]

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