Beat the Heat: Florida police battling street racing by... racing?!

Police officers around the country routinely put their lives on the line in an effort to keep our streets safe. Officers in South Florida have come up with a way to make city streets a safer place and have a bit of fun at the same time; by drag racing at the track. A bad street racing problem that was endangering the lives of law abiding citizens when a plan was hatched to set up monthly "Beat the Heat" drags between the fuzz and street racers at Miami's Countyline Dragway. Everyone from former street racers to moms and dads are paying the $25 to line up against Johnny Law.

The "Beat the Heat" program has drastically cut down the amount of drag racing on the Florida streets, while also fostering a better relationship between racers and officers. And "Beat the Heat" isn't just in Florida. There are police drag racing programs in other areas of the country, including Chattanooga, Tennessee. If making nice with cops isn't your idea of fun, you can still test your skills against the king of all drag cars; the Crown Victoria police interceptor. Where do we sign up?

[Source: Officer]

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