The common wisdom shaping up around Dave Letterman's smackdown of the Chevy Volt Wednesday night: not funny. The latest to chime in on Dave's dismissal of the work that GM has done with the Voltec technology is one of the Volt's biggest supporters: Bob Lutz. Lutz, GM's Vice Chairman, wrote a piece for the GM Fastlane Blog calling Dave's interview of Tesla Motor's Elon Musk a "Stupid Human Trick."

Lutz says that Letterman got GM workers, especially the Volt team, "up in arms." Lutz is right when he says that Dave didn't explain correctly how the Volt works (Dave implied that the Volt can only go 40 miles - watch the video here). To rectify the situation, Lutz invited Dave to come and drive the Volt himself and said he'd be happy to come on "Late Night" and set the record straight. Lutz wasn't all gracious and kind, though. He wrote, "Perhaps if we'd hired Drew Barrymore to be the spokesperson for the vehicle we'd have commanded more of his attention."

[Source: GM]

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