Dean Kamen may be best known as the man behind the iconic and oft-maligned Segway Personal Transporter, but his fertile mind is always full of interesting ideas. Lately, the inventor has turned his attention towards vehicles with four-wheels, batteries and on-board range extenders. We already know that Kamen's extended-range electric vehicle is based on the chassis of an older Ford Th!nk and that it carries around a Stirling engine that's capable of recharging the batteries, but there's more than just the need for alternative forms of transportation pushing this project forward.
Kamen reportedly hopes that selling sufficient quantities of his REVOLT serial hybrid will allow the Stirling engine's price to drop enough that it can help provide needed electricity to billions of people all around the planet. Possible sources of heat to keep the Stirling engine merrily turning a generator include any number of combustible fuels like gasoline, diesel, natural gas or even animal waste – a fuel we're not likely to run out of any time soon.

[Source: The Christian Science Monitor]

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