Reports of aggressively rusting Toyota pickup frames piling up

Some Toyota Tundra owners are reportedly experiencing inordinately heavy amounts of premature rust, and they want the Japanese automaker to take action to address the problem. WCVB TV in Boston has been investigating the Toyota rust situation for about a year, and they're reporting that at least two dozen 2000-2001 Tundra owners have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Owners of 1995-2001 Toyota pickups say their vehicles had inadequate corrosion protection, and many feel that the automaker should recall the vehicles.

When we mention excessive rust, we're not talking about some corroded quarter panels or a little dusting around the wheel wells. Drivers have complained of trucks so rusty that the frames are cracking, panels are falling off, and, in some cases, the trucks are too unsafe to drive. One owner is reportedly dealing with a power steering rack in need of repair, but the rust is so bad a new rack can't be bolted to the frame. The Boston TV station also investigated the smaller Tacoma for rust issues last year and found several frames that were disintegrating due to excessive corrosion.

For Toyota's part, the station reports that the automaker is buying back select models at 1.5 times their Blue Book value, but there are other truck owners who are still clamoring for resolution. The Japanese automaker says it is investing every case individually and that it's using lessons learned from the Tacoma incident to proactively investigate vehicles made with similar production techniques. Toyota won't comment on how many rust problem complaints it has received. Hat tip to Chris!

[Source: The Boston Channel]

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