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Yesterday's Earth Day event marked the start of Peapod Mobility officially accepting orders (online only) for the Peapod neighborhood electric vehicle. Well, that's was the word on the street, anyway as USA Today mentioned this week and we said in our post when we visited the Peapod Mobility office earlier this month. A quick glance at the Peapod Mobility website today, though, doesn't reveal any way to actually put your name down, except for an email information list. What's the deal? You'd think Chrysler wouldn't want to limit any potential income sources these days, but what do I know about running a car company. We've put in a call to Peapod to see what the deal is and will let you know if we hear anything. For now, we can remind anyone who's interested in plunking down $12,500 or so that the Peapod is a zero tailpipe emission, 25 mph top speed, 30-mile range NEV.

[Source: USA Today]

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