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Hey look, it's a hydrogen PUMA (sort of). We almost walked right past the H-ergo Piemonte Personal Mobility Vehicle at the SAE World Congress this week thanks to its small size. Once we stopped and checked the H-ergo out, we learned that this is a hydrogen-powered wheelchair-esque vehicle intended for cities and other places where a small size and zero vehicle emissions are benefits (indoors, anyone?). Power comes from two 800 watt electric motors run from a hydrogen fuel cell and the H-ergo can go whizzing by at 12.4 miles per hour (20 km/h). If you start with a full charge, the H-ergo can run for two hours. Certainly not enough for a full day if you're someone who is dependent on a vehicle like this to get around, but at least the work done by From Concept To Car, among other groups, makes the wheelchair seriously futuristic. See more details here and in the gallery below.

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