How's this for self-promotion? AutoblogGreen reader Anthony B. sent us this tip about an all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV that's up for sale on eBay - and why not? It's his car. This 1999 RAV4 is a bit different than the other ones we've mentioned before because it's in Japan. Oh, and it's right-hand drive.

According to the vehicle description on the auction page, only 60 RHD RAV4 EVs were made, and only three are known to be in private hands today (anyone out there want to confirm or deny this? EVNut makes it look likely).

The vehicle is currently in Osaka, Japan but is listed on the UK eBay site. There are reportedly 46,276 miles on the odometer and it comes with extras like heated seats. Anthony says he gets about 100 miles per charge from the 10-year-old vehicle. Apparently, the Japanese RAV4 EV has a second charging port that allows a generator to be connected and power the battery while it's moving down the road. Anthony writes that "It drives like a dream!" So, why is he selling it, again?

[Source: eBay UK]

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