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Last week at the New York Auto Show, we visited Peapod Mobility and got a good look at the duck-like car with the big smile. One thing that we noticed in the promotional booklet that Peter Arnell, the chief innovation officer at Peapod Mobility, gave us was a few pages on the car's iPhone integration. We've scanned (see gallery) the relevant pages describing just how tied together your Peapod and iPhone could be: it won't just give you efficiency tips and play music, it can also be used as a key. The brochure doesn't describe the system in great detail, it just says "simply dock your iPod for a fun, cutting edge way to start up. Exclusive software designed exclusively for Peapod turns your iPod into a key. Both options are interchangeable and secure." This isn't the first time a car and an iPhone have been able to communicate, but it could be the first production vehicle to allow your phone to engage your wheels. Sorry, Rinspeed.

[Source: Peapod Mobility]

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