Formula 1 so far this year has probably provided a lot more excitement than anyone expected, and in a change from the usual, this time a lot of it is good. The two races so far have seen a heap of on-track passing – and not just of backmarkers – as well as an inversion of the standings: McLaren and Ferrari near at the bottom, Brawn (née Honda) and Toyota are at the top.

Much of that has been credited to the diffusers that the Brawn (above) and Toyota teams are using, which, along with the Williams diffuser, have been challenged as illegal by the other teams. Today, the FIA Court of Appeal will hear arguments for and against the diffuser design and a decision is due Wednesday. It is being reported already by The Daily Mail, however, that the court of appeal will declare the diffusers legal, not wanting to contradict the FIA stewards in Australia and Malaysia, as well as the FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

Ross Brawn has been called out specifically by both Bernie Ecclestone and Renault's Flavio Briatore because he is the technical representative for the Formula One Teams Alliance. Both accused him in a roundabout way of using the rules to his advantage from his privileged position and leaving the others in the dust. In reply, Brawn said "I did explain that I felt we should have a different set of rules to simplify what needed to be done. I offered them, and they were rejected. We needed to clean the rules up, but nobody was interested. They're interested now."

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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