The booted Bugatti - click above for a gallery of before-and-after images

To their credit, the police in Slovakia evidently make no exceptions for €1.1 million supercars. There are supposedly two Bugatti Veyrons registered in the European country, and this one is said to belong to Ladislav Basternak.

When Basternak;s Veyron was parked a little too long at the Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava, the Slovak police slapped a boot on the Bug's oh-so-costly 12-spoke wheels. We're guessing that more than one ticket resulted in the boot, but who knows? Either way, that would make this scene a little worse than the ticketed Veyron in London, but not quite as bad as the Bugatti driver who ran out of gas in Las Vegas. Thanks for the tip, Shadow!

[Source: Natankuj (translated)]