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Sometimes the words fail us. Here in the press room at the New York Auto Show, though, people had all sorts of things to say about the Counter Balance, um, truck ... thing ... concept ... vehicle. The best of the bunch: "That's what happened when a Carbon Motors police car had a night of illicit sex with the Batmobile." However you want to describe it, the Counter Balance demands your attention. So, now that we're all looking... what is this thing, exactly?

The designer, who runs Barkan Designs, says the Counter Balance is a compact pickup truck (seriously). Where most engineers would put a pickup's engine (i.e., in front), the Counter Balance has empty space and there is an five-foot bed in back (it can extend an additional two feet, too). The engine sits low in the middle of the vehicle, which necessitates that the rear seats be bumped stadium style, which explains the awkward secondary window hump.

According to the company's press literature, the Counter Balance is also "light, efficient and environmentally friendly," mostly because you could theoretically burn biofuels or CNG to move down the road and because, as the designer says, the vehicle "keeps its dimensions as compact as possible." Compact dimensions apparently don't apply to height in Judge Dreddland, however...

[Source: Barkan Design]

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