Muscled-up 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee will take the stairs, thank you
Handsome and capable, the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee scales the steps to showoff its new sheetmetal and air-ride suspension.

Acura ZDX aimed squarely at BMW X6
Acura's designer says the ZDX concept was inspired by a slingshot ready to launch. We say it looks an awful lot like a BMW X6. No matter. The V6-powered ZDX will hit dealers sometime this fall.
Scion iQ goes Big Wheels
The Scion iQ is a concept in name alone. Based off the Euro-market iQ minicar, Toyota wants to bring the Scion-badged ForTwo-fighter to the States. But is it hip enough to woo young buyers?
Other news of import

Mitsubishi Outlander GT
Essentially, the Outlander GT Concept is a standard CUV that's been lowered and given a bit of Evoplasty. The new mouth-breather is significantly more aggressive than the current happy-faced model, but changes beyond that are minimal.

2010 Subaru Legacy
The new Legacy is clearly a step up from the car it replaces. It's taller, longer and wider, which makes for more room inside than the old car, which in turn makes for a more compelling rival to the cavernous Accord.

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