New York: Chrysler's Jim Press arrives in Fiat 500

Jim Press arrives in Fiat 500 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Marking the first time in a long time that an Italian vehicle other than a Lamborghini or Ferrari has appeared at a U.S. auto show, Chrysler Vice Chairman Jim Press showed up at his company's press conference this morning in a Fiat 500. "We're not announcing anything," he made sure to say as he exited the vehicle and took his place on stage to start the presser, though the act speaks for itself. Chrysler's future hinges largely on whether it can broker a partnership deal with Italian automaker Fiat before the government's newly imposed deadline that arrives in less than a month. Before he began reciting reassurances that Chrysler's OK to the crowd of journalist, Press remarked, "Wouldn't that make a great company car." Indeed it would, Jim.

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