Next-gen Chrysler 300C interior - Click above to enlarge

During the Jeep Grand Cherokee press conference this morning, Chrysler vice chairman Jim Press gave the assembled journalists a sneak peak at the interior of the forthcoming Chrysler 300. While little more than a quick glimpse at of the instrument panel flashed up on the screen for a moment, we were able to grab this snapshot for you. We're sorry that the resolution is not as crisp as we'd like it to be, but until Auburn Hills slips us a high-res jpeg, we figure you'd still enjoy an advanced look.

What it shows is an all-new instrument panel of what looks to be a higher-end model (note the abundance of woodgrain trim and leather surfaces), with the centerpiece being a new widescreen navigation system housed in an oval-shaped enclosure flanked by curved air vents. As expected, there is a wood and chrome-ringed steering wheel, switchgear in the standard places (including dual-zone climate control), a gated console shifter, and what looks to be a very large center console.

The interior is markedly more conservative than what Chrysler teased with the 200C Concept from January's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but admittedly, that concept was designed to give a future glimpse of the 300's kid brother, the Sebring). The 200C employed such show car details as a chrome single-spoke steering wheel, a screen in place of the main gauge binnacle, and a sophisticated all-in-one climate/stereo/nav unit that flowed out of a center console.

Despite that, the 300 "spy shot" looks to be a major leap forward in terms of unified style and potentially materials.

No definitive word yet on a date when the rest of the car will be revealed, so for now, 300 fans, you'll have to be content with this.

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