New York: Checking out the Hyundai Equus in person

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If you think the Genesis sedan is nice, wait'll you get a load of Hyundai's home-market luxu-flagship, the Equus. The automaker has one prominently on display here at the New York Auto Show this week, and while it's supposed to merely be a "Look, this is how awesome we can be" thing (there's no plan for the Equus to be sold here at this time), you can bet Hyundai is taking note of people's reactions. Outside, the Equus is more ornate than the Genesis, with a bright grille, highly-polished wheels and a pedestrian-impaling hood ornament. The sheetmetal details are nice, too. We especially dig the subtle fender bulges over the rear wheels.

While that's all well and good, it's inside the cabin where the Equus shows that it's truly meant to do battle against the likes of the Mercedes S-Class, Lexus LS and BMW 7 Series. All the toys are present: push-button start, a console-mounted control interface for the in-car systems, classy wood accents, upmarket switchgear, and even Grey Poupon snack trays for the rear passengers. Oh, those rear passengers get massaging back seats, as well. It's very impressive looking and it stinks of quality. If Hyundai ever decides to gamble and attack the next price segment up from the Genesis sedan, they clearly have the ammo to do so. The Equus is the real deal.

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