What Subaru left out back – Click to enlarge

While shooting the new 2010 Legacy at Subaru's display stand, we peeked behind a curtain to see if the Japanese automaker was hiding anything else out back. Usually we're confronted by a mess of wires and boxes when snooping around where we're not allowed, but this time we actually found a car! Subaru still has a press conference tomorrow and the new Legacy models are already out on the floor, so we knew the brand must have something else up its sleeve. The covered car is obviously a wagon with a high hood and fenders that appear to flare out farther away from the body than on the normal Legacy. Hmmm... What could it be? If you couldn't tell, we're guessing it's the Outback version of the new Legacy. We'll find out tomorrow morning if we're right, so stay tuned.

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