Nissan appears to feel the electricity in the air, and has said it is open to selling its EV to retail consumers two years ahead of schedule. That doesn't mean it will go on sale everywhere -- said a Nissan rep, "if a market is ready for it, we'll go ahead earlier." When it does arrive, it will be a "uniquely designed stand-alone model" that will focus attention on the brand and its EV credentials.

This announcement follows the recent news of Renault-Nissan's alliance with San Diego Gas & Electric to build an electric vehicle charging network. At the time it was thought that Nissan's sales would be limited to fleet and commercial users until 2012, but it follows that if the infrastructure is in place and consumers are ready to buy in 2010, why should drivers charge their Volts, Karmas, and Teslas on Nissan's hard work? Call us crazy, but we have a feeling that California can get ready to start its electric engines very soon...

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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