Two weeks ago, Auto Express reported that MINI would be creating a John Cooper Works edition diesel with more than 160 horsepower and improved torque. Now, fellow UK publication Autocar looks to have the details, which includes speculation that the extra oomph will come from BMW engines now used in the 1 Series cars – and they might not just be for JCW models.

According to the report, the white coats at BMW inserted a detuned 2.0-liter diesel that is longitudinally mounted in the 120d into the transverse engine bay of the MINI. The result was a MINI diesel with 40 hp more than the Cooper D, which currently uses an engine that BMW developed with PSA Peugeot/Citroen.

Autocar also reports that the twin turbo lump from the 123d can be fitted to the MINI, which could be used to create a diesel JCW. If they don't detune the engine, that would mean a 7 hp drop versus the gas-engined version, but 105 more lb-ft. of twist and better than 40 mpg when the drivetrain isn't being stomped on. Autocar says that BMW has begun testing the new diesels with an eye on retail sales in 12 months.

[Source: Autocar | Photo credit: themullett]

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