OK, so the reality was never as simple as the headlines made it sound. While the simplest way to explain what the California Air Resources Board was trying to do was that they were going to ban black cars, the reality (as we explained in our original post) was that CARB was thinking of requiring automobiles to be painted in colors that were at least 20 percent solar reflective by 2016. To make black paint meet that level would change it from the original color to "mud-puddle brown." Simplify that down to the Internet level, and, boom, "banning black cars" became a thing last week. Now, CARB' spokesman Stanley Young has clarified the proposed rule to the LA Times by saying, "We are by no means interested in banning or restricting car colors" and said that the board has dropped the paint discussion for now. CARB is still interested in reflective glass (which isn't window tinting) to help reduce air pollutants, and is accepting public comments on the idea.

[Source: LA Times, Autoblog]

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