Katsuaki Watanabe, current president at Toyota Motors, has confirmed the rumors we've been hearing for the last few weeks that the automaker plans to continue selling the current version of the Prius alongside its newer 2010 sibling in Japan. The current 2009 Prius will continue on unchanged, as far as we're aware, but will see its price reduced by a few million yen to match that of the new Honda Insight. We'd heard that this dual-Prius plan won't be echoed in the United States, and now Toyota has confirmed that it won't happen in Europe either.

Autocar has an unnamed source that's mentioned an interesting rumor that we hadn't heard before. One possible reason that Toyota is selling the older Prius at an attractive price may be due to a glut of unsold vehicles due to slow sales caused by the global economic downturn, but that's nothing more than speculation.

[Source: Autocar]

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