We're not sure what's in the water in Alabama lately, but we've just received word that the YellowHammer State is getting its second Porsche police car in about a month. Back in late February, it was announced that the Hoover PD had obtained a newer 911 thanks to drug seizure laws. This time, the car in question was a donation and the constabulary recipients are the boys and gals in blue at Homewood Police.

This time, new cruiser is a bit more interesting than a garden-variety 911, too – it's a 1981 930 Slantnose (the source article calls it a 935) – and reportedly it's a genuine example, not a conversion. As with Hoover's 911, the 930 has been given a police-spec stripe job, and it will likely lead a reserved life on parade and school tour duty. One interesting note is that Police Chief Phil Dodd is hoping to get the two patrol Porsches together for charity events – and potentially even dice it up at Barber Motorsports Park.

Alabama authorities, we'll be happy to get pulled over when you get yourselves a 917.

[Sources: Birmingham News; Al.com]

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