Streaming Mad: $206 in urine-soaked coins is not acceptable payment for a speeding ticket in Washington

Michael Harold Lynch was ticketed for doing 54 mph in a 35 mph area that was also a construction zone. The fine was $206. Lynch decided to let his anger flow by placing $206 in a plastic bag, peeing in the bag and sending it in. Upon receiving Lynch's little care package, the courthouse staff gave it to a police officer and declined to accept the pungent payment to clear the ticket.
Turns out Lynch didn't break any laws – it's not necessarily illegal to mail bodily fluids. The pee-and-pennies were sent back to Lynch – COD, in fact – with a note that said they couldn't be taken because "the pile of coins emitted a strong, pungent odor of stale urine." Lynch responded by sending a check made out to another agency, which was returned, then he sent a check for the wrong amount. Now he's on the hook for $271 because his payment is late. We wonder what he has in store for number round 2...

[Source: Oregon Live]

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