1990 Yugo Cabrio - Click above for an image gallery

The Yugo, once the cheapest car offered in the United States, is most remembered for being the punchline of every late night comedian's opening monologue. That said, this author doesn't actually remember the Yugo being quite as bad as its detractors painted it out to be, especially in its later years when it was equipped with a 1.3L OHC engine hooked up to a 5-speed manual transmission. The ultimate expression of fine Yugoslavian automotive design would have to be the extremely rare droptop version of the classic Communist-era machine, and there just so happens to be one in pretty decent shape right now on eBay.

We're not sold on this particular car's yellow over gray color palette, but it only has 53,000 miles on it and seems to have been owned by an enthusiast (of sorts). If you love classic wedge-like hatchback designs from the '80s but feel a VW Cabrio is just a bit too common, a Yugo such as this would definitely be an unexpected option. Thanks for the tip, Justin B!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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