According to the tea-leaf readers over at Automotive News, the alliance between Fiat and Chrysler is expected to yield at lease six new models for the Pentastar in the next few years – if everything works out. Since Chrysler doesn't really have any truly viable products in the smaller car segments, that will likely be the main focus as the companies work toward meeting at least the 35 mpg CAFE standard, and very possibly an even higher 40+ mpg requirement if CO2 emissions limits come into force. If the project moves ahead, AN believes that North American Chrysler factories may end up building a number number of Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles for sale in Chrysler showrooms with their original Italian names including the 500, MiTo and Milano.

The Chrysler brands would also get several new products based on Italian platforms, including a sub-Patriot sized Jeep based on the Fiat Panda Cross (pictured above) and a C-segment car based on the Grande Punto. Electrification is also a big part of the plan, with the ENVI team working its magic on Italian cars to convert them to battery power. Of course, all of this pre-supposes that Chrysler – and even Fiat – can make it through the current sales collapse, far from a foregone conclusion.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req.d]

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