GM has been heavy in the entertainment sponsorship game, with a variety of scripted programs, award shows, and movies at some point being tied to GM product. Bumblebee has undoubtedly paid dividends for the new Camaro, and now the spy drama "Burn Notice," on USA Network, has done something of the same for Saab.

An online game called "Covert Ops" was created that mirrored the show's plot line, featuring the main character, Michael Westen, driving around Miami in a Saab 9-3 droptop. Over the course of eight weeks, the game got more and more popular, with a final tally of 50,000 registered users and 500,000 unique visitors having tooled around in the virtual car by the time it was all was said done.

With those kinds of numbers, that means Saab was exposed to nearly 25 times the number of people who actually bought Saabs all of last year. GM hasn't said whether it will continue Saab promotion on the show, but for the moment you can still get your game on.

[Source: Ad Age]

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