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Wondering how stable the Aptera 2e's three-wheeled configuration will be? Not having had the chance to slide behind the slinky machine's wheel just yet, we wonder as well. Fortunately, the topic is also on the minds of some of the lucky few testers who have gotten seat time in preproduction Apteras, and at least one person has captured his driving antics on video.

Jason H. Harper, writing for Bloomberg, recently took an Aptera 2e for a spin and he strapped a video camera inside while taking a number of tire-screechingly tight corners at speed. From the looks (and sounds) of things, the Aptera made good use of its twin front wheels and comparatively wide track to remain impressively stable throughout the exercise. We're also wondering about the 17 kWh battery as quoted in this writeup – could this be an optional high-capacity unit?

We still have questions as to how the 2e will perform in inclement weather and, until Aptera releases crash testing data at least, how well it will hold up in the unfortunate event of an accident. Regardless, footage like this makes us look forward to our own stint behind the wheel, whenever that may come.

[Source: Jason H. Harper via Green Car Reports]


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