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Earlier this month, an undriven Tesla Roadster sold for $160,000 in Atlanta. The transaction took place on eBay, and the seller said that he was letting go of his orange Roadster, number 191, after waiting two years to get it because, "Times have changed in the last two years though and now I want to sell it due to my business having sluggish sales in this economy. If you can afford this car, it's one sweet ride." He added, "I don't normally sell things on eBay, normally I buy. I'm just a guy with a Tesla." Well, he might no longer have his sweet electric car, but he did make about $50,000 on the deal (assuming that he paid normal price for the Roadster two years ago). Not bad, not bad at all. Two other Roadsters are currently for sale on eBay, a green one for $115,000 with zero bids and another green one from the Signature Series for $95,350 with over 20 bids. Any guesses on where these will end up?

[Source: eBay]

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