Spy Shots: Is this the next Porsche Cayenne?

Porsche's Cayenne is starting to show its age. With the arrival of the Panamera, it's no longer the most controversial looking vehicle in the company's product portfolio, though its road-scorching edge remains undiminished in turbo form. A new Cayenne is coming in gas, diesel, and hybrid flavors, and a fresh spy shot has surfaced showing what may well be the reshaped keister of the next model.
It's got a bit of Volkswagen in it, maybe, but check those wheels and the way the lower valance is a diffusery thing - very Porsche-esque. If it is the Cayenne, this next generation might actually look okay while it continues to defy physics. Before we get too vitriolic, the Cayenne's volume has helped make 911s and Caymans possible – and for that, we say thank you.

[Source: GermanCarBlog]

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