Two new JDM Toyota safety technologies are likely to arrive on future Lexus models in the United States. The first is a system that uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect objects in the vehicle's path. When obstructions are noted, the driver is alerted by an indicator or a sound. If the pending collision is imminent, a pre-crash system activates the brakes, removes slack from the seats belts and then deploys the airbags.

The second system involves the seats themselves. If an imminent rear-end collision is detected, the seat backs will automatically return to an upright position. In addition, seat belts will tighten and the headrests will move forward to help prevent whiplash. Both innovations are planned to arrive soon on Japan-market vehicles from Toyota Motor Corporation, so it's expected that these technologies will likely debut on upcoming Lexus models in the States.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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