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ApteraForum member HadleyRille generously let us see one of the renderings he made recently of a few hundred Aptera 2es on an apparently endless plane. But, considering that over 4,000 of these vehicles have been pre-ordered thus far, it only makes sense to get a glimpse of what that many of these vehicles would look like. So, if you're an Aptera fan, may we suggest clicking here for your latest computer wallpaper? Here's the thing: this might be the closest we ever get to seeing this many of these EVs.

WIRED reports that the federal government pretty much automatically denied Aptera any of the loan money that it requested because the feds are not interested in funding a vehicle with only three wheels. California Congressman Brian Bilbray is working to change this through an "Innovative Vehicle Act," but it'll take amending the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) to do so.

[Source: HadleyRille, WIRED]

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