Aston Martin One-77 almost fully revealed
The most expensive and highest performing production Aston Martin ever. Starting with the typical 6.0L V12 block, the displacement has been increased to 7.3L and output is somewhere north of 750 hp.

Ferrari 599XX is our kind of menace to society
Following up on the FXX development program, the 599XX is a rolling test bed for new technologies making their way from the F1 circuit over to Ferrari's road car division.
Infiniti Essence Concept stops the show
Infiniti is looking to make a big splash as it enters the European market at an unfortunate economic moment, and not much can tug at the heartstrings of the continent's populace like a high-powered, sexy coupe with a green soul.
Other news of import

Frazer-Nash Namir by Guigiaro
Has a top speed of 187 mph, 0-62 mph acceleration in 3.5 seconds and still manages 91.7 mpg (U.S.). Not too shabby.

Fiat 500C
Fiat has reached back into its history to the original 1957 Cinquocente and fitted the 500C with a canvas roof folding back between solid roof rails.

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