Geneva 2009: Clever EDAG "Light Car Open-Source" is like safety television for tailgaters

Click above for high-res gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source

EDAG has presented its new "Light Car – Open Source" concept here at the Geneva Motor Show, and while it outwardly appears to look like any other nondescript electric bubble car, there's a lot of innovative content on the inside screaming for attention.

It's hard to know where to start: The use of (O)LED technology as both driver-configurable exterior lighting units and as a television screen-like safety feature that alerts those behind of road conditions; its 100% recyclable basalt fiber chassis (said to be at once lighter and cheaper than carbon-fiber or aluminum); or the fact that this is an open-source effort, with EDAG taking the lead but freely opening up the car's technologies to outside developers for improvement and modification.

In any case, the fact that the lithium ion-powered compact car utilizes in-wheel motors that help maximize interior space is a neat detail, but we're actually most intrigued by the (O)LED technology, which gives the Light Car an egg-smooth exterior. Out back, the (O)LEDs are used to show trailing vehicles not only the LCOS' strength of braking, but also road conditions ahead – a pedestrian crossing the road, say, or whether there's a speed or construction zone ahead. We imagine this sort of tech would be murder to legalize (at least in the States), but it does have us thinking in new ways about vehicle safety and car-to-car communications. See the EDAG's (O)LED tech in action in a video after the jump, and learn more from the official press release by downloading the PDF here.


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